TM Capital

Investment Bank Capitalizes on New Identity

Introducing a human-centered approach to finance


For TM Capital, an investment bank that has supported over 300 market-defining transactions valued at a staggering $20+ billion, trust and reliability are the cornerstones of their success. With a longstanding history of helping industry innovators capitalize on their full potential, TM Capital had outgrown its existing branding. They engaged Jackson Spalding for a full-scale rebrand in order to better represent the company’s agility and forward-thinking approach.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Tagline Development
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • CMS Development

Our Approach

To kick-off the branding process, the Jackson Spalding team initiated a JS Excavation® to delve deeper into the bank’s brand identity. This four-step process is designed to unveil the building blocks of the brand’s foundation and inform strategy going forward. Insights revealed during this component allowed TM Capital to better analyze the competitive landscape, barriers and key audiences that were critical to their success.


The Jackson Spalding team then worked alongside TM Capital to craft key messages, a brand essence, brand positioning, core values and purpose to ensure consistency across communication channels and within the organization.

Our goal throughout this holistic rebrand was for TM Capital to more effectively express their capabilities and expertise while emphasizing their purpose, which is to help clients realize their greatest possibilities. The tagline “Success. Realized.” captured this sentiment perfectly and served as the overarching foundation of all messaging.

Brand Identity

Solidifying brand foundation was a crucial step toward the development of creative assets. Using the insights that were discovered in the JS Excavation, the team created dynamic possibilities for the TM Capital logo. Through a collaborative process, we arrived at a logo that visually represented the brand’s ability to help its clients build and exponentially grow their businesses.

Website Design

As the primary tool for communicating with current and prospective clients, it was essential for the website to clearly showcase TM Capital’s capabilities and values. The JS team worked closely with TM Capital to determine their desired aesthetic through providing and discussing a series of creative representations. The resulting website focused on movement-based images and succinct messaging that effectively summarized TM Capital’s expertise and commitment to creating results for their clients.

Your team did a really fine job, both in architecting the product and – more importantly – in assuring a collaborative, efficient process. I’d tell anyone considering a similar undertaking to use JS – without qualification. You’d be amazed at how ‘infected’ we all have become with the language you helped us define. Jim GrienTM CapitalPresident and CEO

The Results

TM Capital was ultimately equipped with a new look, vernacular and website that authentically captured the brand’s essence in a way that appealed to existing and prospective clients.

The Team

Meet the team that collaborated with our clients to ensure a successful and holistic rebrand for TM Capital.