Starting the Wave

Helping Mizuno Create Meaningful Engagement with Runners

The Challenge

Runners are always looking for ways to improve themselves – from the food they eat to the gear they wear. As a challenger brand in the U.S. running market, Mizuno shares this mindset, and it inspires its team to relentlessly refine their products and connect with runners in new ways. When it was time to roll out new products and drive greater brand awareness among dedicated runners, the Jackson Spalding team laced up and hit the ground running.

Our Approach

Running is personal. But while it’s an introspective sport, runners form a tight-knit community with deeply ingrained social rituals. Subtle gestures of support often come in the form of a wave. We turned this truth into a campaign in which we asked runners to share why they wave and what inspires them to persevere.

Why Do You Wave?

Our social team conceived and executed the #MizunoWave social media contest, during which runners from all over the country were encouraged to share photos of themselves and explain why they wave. The contest reached over 3.6 million people on social media and garnered over 5,500 entries. The winner of the contest, Sean Peacock, had an incredible story, which we captured in a heartfelt social video.

AJC Peachtree Road Race

There are few stages in the world of running bigger than the AJC Peachtree Road Race, the largest 10K on the planet with over 60,000 runners. As one of the race’s primary sponsors, Mizuno tapped the Jackson Spalding team to handle planning and execution of the activations, including the unveiling of a limited edition Peachtree Wave Rider 19, our first shoe ever made specifically for the race.

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Our Impact

3.6 m

people engaged with #MizunoWave contest on social media

2.7 m

media outlet impressions for the Limited Edition Peachtree Wave Rider 19

41 k

video views of #MizunoWave contest winner on Facebook

My family and I cannot thank JS and Mizuno enough – you have gone above and beyond.” Sean Peacock#MizunoWaveContest Winner

Wave Rider 20

At Mizuno, evolution doesn’t stop, and the continuing transformation of the Wave Rider was no exception. In this scenario, Mizuno challenged us to rethink the traditional product launch for their cornerstone running shoe. Our solution was a three-part approach targeting traditional media, social influencers and the brand’s raving fans. Three distinct audiences, one core message: this would be the best Wave Rider created to date.

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Better Shoe, Better You

Having built momentum from the launch of the Wave Rider 20, we pushed ourselves and the brand further still. We initiated the #Mizuno20Day campaign for the new year, challenging fans to set goals and run them down. For 20 days, people demanded the best from themselves and each other. They shared their challenges, defeats and sweet victories on social media. As the campaign came to a close, we captured the best moments on Mizuno’s blog, The Insider.

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Influencer Outreach

JS organized fitness-focused events for active lifestyle influencers at major sporting goods retailers in Atlanta and Dallas. Each influencer shared their experience through their blogs and social posts, drawing more attention to the brand. In addition, we organized a Twitter chat through the influencer agency, Sway Group, during which #Platinum20 trended for nearly an hour.

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We’ll Keep on Waving – Together

Constant improvement is the runner’s mantra, and settling for second-best is never an option. That’s exactly how the Mizuno brand thinks. With its appetite for relentless refinement and Jackson Spalding’s commitment to finding a better way, we’re both ready for whatever comes next.

41.4 m

social media impressions for the Wave Rider 20

3.8 m

impressions for the shoe on Runner’s World & Competitor

38 k

social media engagments for the #Mizuno20Day Challenge

8.2 k

influencer blog post views for Wave Rider 20

Team Mizuno

Meet the JS team that works tirelessly alongside our amazing clients to help Mizuno tell its story across all brands from Running and Golf to Baseball, Softball and Volleyball.