Chick-fil-A One Mobile App Launch

Why did 7 million customers cross the road? To “Eat Mor Chikin”

The Challenge

Drive visibility, downloads and usage of the Chick-fil-A One mobile app, which was designed to transform the way customers interact with the brand via mobile. The app allows users to customize their meal, pay via mobile, earn treats and skip the line in-store.

Our Approach

We prefer starting with research, not assumptions, we conducted market research to learn what Millennial parents value, as it relates to their time and preferences, when eating out. In order to truly deliver the biggest launch in company history, we knew we needed to build sustained momentum behind the launch using owned, earned and paid channels. Working hand-in-hand with the Chick-fil-A One team and client PR and marketing teams, we developed a comprehensive launch plan.

The Barriers

A previous Chick-fil-A app already existed so generating excitement about an update, even though it was substantial, was challenging. Additionally, while our team realized the app was a game-changer for the brand and its guests, the app was not a first-of-its kind in the restaurant category so generating interest with news media would be a hurdle as well. This tool needed to have clear value in order to stand out in the age of app-overload.

Market Research

We conducted 1,008 interviews and found that Millennial parents are often pressed for time and want ways to enhance and expedite the fast food ordering experience.

At a Glance


would rather not eat at all than stand in a line


are on the run when it’s time to eat


would do almost anything to avoid long lines when with their children

Giving back has always been part of the company’s DNA so what better way to incentivize brand loyalists to download or update the app than by offering a free sandwich? And “Eat Mor Chikin” they did. Over 130,000 sandwiches were redeemed in a single day. The final leg of the campaign included a second giveaway of breakfast to new users on Labor Day weekend.

“Chick-Fil-A One is the biggest launch in company history.”

Dan Cathy

Chick-Fil-A Chairmen and CEO

Ready to Fly

Launch day kicked off with an exclusive story with Business Insider, that our team secured. Jackson Spalding media trained Michael Lage, Chick-fil-A’s senior manager of digital experience, and facilitated a satellite media tour for him.

Driving Downloads

We wrote and produced a video and content for the company’s “Inside Chick-fil-A” website. Our activations included a social media influencer partnership with Instabrand as well as a series of paid blogger posts on AOL touting the benefits of the app and driving more downloads.

The Results

We’re not ones to count our chickens prematurely, but we certainly count our conversions after they hatch. In just a few short hours after launch, the app climbed to the number one spot for free downloads in the Apple Store overtaking social media powerhouses Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. Within 24 hours, more than 1 million customers had joined the craze averaging six registrations every second.

The goal of two million active users in the first year was cracked in just two weeks. Fueled by 1,188 news stories and a satellite media tour with 27 interviews, the success of the launch was more than anyone on the team could have imagined. Currently there are over 7 million downloads to date and growing.


news stories
covering launch.


most downloaded on apple app store.


one million guests joined in 24 hours


app registrations every second

The Team

Image of Amy Wray

Amy Wray

Alex Loomis

Alex Nikitin

Alicia Fajardo Noohi

Alicia Harwell

Alicin Hendricks

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