RECAP: How to Drive Reputation, Relationships and Revenue with Content Marketing

Jackson Spalding partner Randall Kirsch recently contributed his point of view to in a marketer’s how-to piece on full-funnel content marketing.

In the article, How To Drive Reputation, Relationships And Revenue With A Connected Content Marketing Strategy, Randall maps out five actionable steps to help kick-start a comprehensive and effective content strategy.

We won’t go into the full detail in this recap, but if you’re the type of person who gets excited about things like Mapping the Journey, Divvying up the Funnel, Mapping the Strategy, Retargeting, and Optimization (or have no idea what we’re talking about), you might want to give this article a read. Or if you just want a glimpse at how Jackson Spalding builds effective content marketing strategies for our clients, the link to the full article is here.

Jackson Spalding is a proud member and contributor of the Forbes Agency Council. Stay tuned here and on our social media channels for future marketing updates.