Snooze and Don’t Lose: How We Woke Up Media with Mattress Firm’s ‘Snoozetern’ Campaign

Buzzworthy. Attention-grabbing. Those aren’t typically the words that come to mind when thinking about a mattress.

In the highly competitive mattress market, retailers are all vying for consumers’ attention for a product that isn’t always top-of-mind. Consumers only think about mattresses and mattress retailers when they are in the market for a new bed.

Jackson Spalding was challenged to help grab consumer attention for Mattress Firm all while competing against industry disruptors who had the backing of celebrity talent, multimillion-dollar influencer sponsorships and a larger share of voice.

We set out to highlight the brand as a forward-thinking, relevant and conversation-worthy company by providing connectable and informative content about Mattress Firm and its products to help declutter the confusing world of mattresses for the consumer.

Our goal was to find a creative individual who could not only be an integral part of new bed testing (à la sleep), but also serve as an in-house brand evangelist.

Thus, the idea for the Snoozetern was born. This new intern position would serve as an exclusive ‘sleep-fluencer’ who would test new beds and products and engage our key target audiences by providing information on the best products that can help them catch Zzz’s – elevating the Mattress Firm brand.

We couldn’t sleep on sharing the news of a position that required someone to doze on the job. After all, getting paid to sleep sounds like a dream, right? We pitched the Snoozetern job position to national lifestyle and local media while simultaneously creating original content that was shared and promoted on Mattress Firm’s social channels.

Media and consumers took notice of Mattress Firm in a big way, which resulted in valuable earned media coverage and hundreds of millions of impressions across national online, broadcast and print media. The response illustrated that Mattress Firm was not just in the conversation but leading it as a forward-thinking brand.

Additionally, the campaign also caught the attention of the marketing industry, earning a Platinum MarCom Award  and the honor of being named the Integrated B2C Marketing Campaign of the year by the American Marketing Association’s Dallas chapter. Jackson Spalding’s Snoozetern effort was also a finalist for Digiday’s Content Marketing Awards in the Best Branded B2C Content Site category.

So, what can we learn from Mattress Firm’s viral snooze-success?

  1. Do the Unexpected (DTU). Just like the mantra we like to share within our walls, give your audience and media something new and fresh that will stand out and engage them.
  2. Get savvy with multi-channel marketing. The Snoozetern campaign was a seamless multi-channel effort – from announcing the position via Mattress Firm’s social channels to building a branded microsite and pitching to media publications.
  3. Be creative. Marketing campaigns won’t get a lot of media attention unless they have a unique, interesting and innovative idea behind them. Getting paid to sleep was a novel concept and set Mattress Firm apart from its competitors.