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Caroline Burleson

Caroline Burleson

Caroline Burleson

Caroline is a fixture on the JS Chick-fil-A team, managing restaurant openings and providing daily communications support to field operations.  She joined us in 2019 after a decade promoting professional sports teams.

Her experience includes working as the sole Corporate Communications Manager for the Atlanta Braves and managing communications at the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City for four years. Earlier she served in P.R. support for the Brooklyn Nets, the Memphis Grizzlies and the Minnesota Lynx. Caroline says it was all very exciting but attending the NBA Draft was the ultimate thrill, watching young athletes see their childhood dreams come true.

Caroline stepped into sports communications at The University of Georgia, working as an intern for UGA’s Athletic Association while earning a degree in Speech Communication. During her senior year, she became Assistant Operations Coordinator for the UGA Men’s Basketball Team. Caroline has also volunteered with communication veterans at the 2012 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament, the 2012 NCAA South Regional and the 2013 NCAA Final Four played in Atlanta.

She describes herself as laid-back and spontaneous, traits well suited to the multitasking and issues management inherent to P.R. Spending her elementary school years in Australia contributed to her chill attitude and her “Midwest” accent, a mash-up of languages absorbed while globetrotting with her family.

These days, she’s putting down roots with her husband, Randy, who also works in sports, and their dog rescue, Lulu, an all-around good sport about limiting her social life to evenings and weekends. The trio lives within walking distance of Top Golf, but yoga, Pilates and SoulCycle are where Caroline finds her peace.


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