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Scott Hartman

Scott Hartman

Scott Hartman

Scott joined Jackson Spalding in 2003 following a multi-faceted career in print, radio and television news. He leads the video team at JS, bringing to bear significant insights he gained from both sides of the television camera.

He has placed clients on CNN, Fox News, “CBS Evening News” and “ABC News Nightline” and has helped prepare countless high-profile personalities as they prepared to meet the press.

Scott’s expertise allows Jackson Spalding to produce in-house b-roll, satellite news feeds, online video and many other visual elements for use by the mainstream media and the general public. When the Baby Noor story captured national headlines in late 2005, it was Scott who shot the b-roll of her first follow-up visit to the doctor following her life-saving surgery. He was the pool reporter supplying the first available video of the check up and sound bites from Baby Noor’s doctor that were ultimately picked up by CNN and FOX News, among others.

Prior to joining us, Scott worked at several news stations throughout the southeast including WMAZ-TV in Macon, GA where he served as Sports Director.

He received his degree in Telecommunications from the University of Georgia, and is a frequent return visitor to our Athens office.

Scott’s wife, Meimi, and daughter, Shelby, are the stars of his home movies, but he still reserves “man time” to follow NASCAR.