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Samantha Gelman

Samantha Gelman

Samantha Gelman

Samantha joined JS in 2018 to provide new market support for our Chick-fil-A team. Her work includes event management and media relations for the company’s top expansion markets.

Her previous job was at Cox Enterprises, where she worked closely with top executives on a variety of communications projects. This in-house experience was enlightening as she learned about the pace of consensus building in a large organization and saw the many details required to keep the corporate wheels turning.

Samantha began her career in New York City, realizing her teenage dream to work in fashion P.R. She gained her first experience at HL Group, supporting the Home Shopping Network (HSN) with fashion and celebrity launches. After a year and a half, she moved on to Gucci, living the dolce vita for more than four years.

Her small team at the Italian label enjoyed the perks of event management in glamour spots like Florence and Milan, but the trade-off was long hours and high-stakes assignments. She once waited an hour on a Hollywood red carpet for a very tardy James Franco who arrived after the paparazzi had moved inside. Samantha managed to coax a photographer to stage a shot of the actor wearing his Gucci tux, even though he missed his grand entrance.

Samantha earned a B.A. in Communications from Tulane University, where she met her husband, a native New Yorker. It took her several years to convince him to relocate to her hometown, so she could be closer to her large, blended family, which includes a sister and two sets of twins.

Now that she’s back in Atlanta, Samantha’s weekends are spent trying new restaurants, exploring her native city, and encouraging her beloved English Bulldog, Manning (named for Giants great Eli Manning) to exercise at local doggie parks.