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Rebecca Gutierrez

Rebecca Gutierrez

Rebecca Gutierrez

Rebecca Gutierrez leads the Mattress Firm social media team from our Dallas office, a role that activates both the artistic (Visual Arts degree) and analytical (minor in Economics) sides of her brain. Since graduating from the University of Texas, Dallas in 2009, she’s left positive impressions at career stops including Beachbody, Chic Studios and Thoughtful Media Group.

About that combination of academic pursuits: Rebecca started college thinking she’d like to become an investment banker. The only problem was, she equally enjoyed creative pursuits and more traditional academic endeavors. While contemplating her options, she started designing jewelry as a hobby and soon realized that she would be happiest if she focused primarily on her creative side.

A native of Denver, Rebecca moved to the Dallas area in elementary school when her father accepted a post working with international non-profits organizations. His career afforded her the opportunity to spend a few months in Kenya teaching English, a bucket-list experience that also included a free safari. She says the real bonus was getting outside her comfort zone and embracing new challenges.

The youngest of three children, Rebecca met her husband through her brother. After their marriage, the duo set out for Los Angeles where Rebecca honed her social media savvy. She loved her time on the West Coast, but is happy to be back near old friends and family.

Rebecca has traveled to every continent except Antarctica and Asia; wants to re-ignite her creative side through photography; plans to run more marathons; and is resuming her yoga teaching. With all that on her bucket list, supporting the sleep industry is the perfect place for someone who probably needs a nap.


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