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Peggy Elder

Peggy Elder

Peggy Elder

Peggy Elder brings extensive office management and administrative experience to Jackson Spalding, where she plays an important role supporting our executives in the Atlanta Office. A pro at orchestrating events, schedules, resources, research and agency communications, Peggy’s wealth of insight benefits everything and everyone she touches. 

Before becoming a valuable member of our team in 2004, Peggy was at BellSouth over 29 years, serving roles from operator, clerk, administrative assistant and executive assistant to VP of Infrastructure. A veteran in executive support, her BellSouth experience gave her expertise across a spectrum of roles, from providing support to top executives to managing network and administrative staff, resolving customer support issues, coordinating special events and even serving as a long-distance and directory operator on occasion. The fun part of being an operator was learning the tones of coins in a payphone. 

The FBI hired Peggy fresh out of high school, but her Dad had second thoughts about sending his daughter to Washington, D.C. without her college education. She instead studied Business and Administrative Services at the University of Georgia and Athens Business School before settling in Atlanta. 

Peggy is a native of Greensboro, Georgia and she stays in touch with family and life-long friends. She loves to cook and enjoys preparing Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas breakfast for her family. When she’s not whipping up something tasty you can find her spoiling her grandson and granddaughter. When she finds the time, she likes to curl up with a good book. She is hoping that when she retires, she will be able to travel the United States. 


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