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Paige Rohe

Paige Rohe

Paige Rohe

Paige’s deep expertise in healthcare communications on behalf of nonprofits, major corporations, associations, and healthcare systems has made her a sought-after advisor for Jackson Spalding since she joined the team in 2023.  

A knack for clear and persuasive messaging, she can inform medical conference attendees, or your Aunt Sally at the dinner table, on any subject. She has even ghost-written for former presidents, CEOs, sitting public officials, and scientists.  

A highly creative problem solver and global thinker, Paige helps clients navigate a crisis or an opportunity with credibility, competency, and cultural sensitivity.  

A “Double Eagle” graduate from Emory University, Paige received her bachelor’s degree in international relations and her Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Management.  

Paige will tell you that her career “hometown” was The Carter Center – where she was an intern, graduate study student, social media manager, and press officer for former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. It was there her creative pitching and storytelling talents shone as she recruited national and international journalists to raise awareness about preventable diseases of poverty and mental illness.  

Ever the idealist, Paige is a devoted volunteer and childbirth safety advocate, and founded The ROBIN Project, which works with a variety of partners to improve maternal health in Georgia. She’s VP of the Georgia Chapter for Postpartum Support International and Co-Chair for the Disability Inclusion Committee at her synagogue. 

Paige isn’t all work and no play. She has been a student of the acoustic guitar for more than a decade, is an expert key lime pie maker, and amateur photographer. However, nothing is more important to her than her family – especially her college sweetheart and husband Larry, and their school-age daughter.