Talented People but it’s the character that counts

Nick Thomas

Nick Thomas

Nick Thomas

Nick is our resident designer in the JS Dallas office. His top focus is on design and art direction for Dallas-based clients, but he jumps in across the agency as part of our creative crew.

His portfolio includes work for many recognizable brands including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, GameStop and Service King. And, his trophy shelf already includes a Silver Addy and several Davys, despite less than a decade in the biz.

He started his career as an intern at The Richards Group, where he was fortunate to concept and pitch a winning idea that became a television spot on Comedy Central. That experience yielded many mentors and business lessons that propelled him to success at two other agencies as well as an in-house gig with J&P Cycles.

Nick is a Dallas native who earned his BFA in visual communications from A&M Commerce, formerly E. Texas State University. He says he’s been creating his entire life- through drawing, writing, crafting and making music.

He keeps his wheels turning by playing Dungeons & Dragons or reading fantasy sci-fi, but he’s also a curious traveler. Nick has visited sacred tribal sites in Bora Bora, underwater caves in Tulum, Mexico and a storybook German castle that dates to the 10th Century.

He’s married to his high school sweetheart, and their baby, Olivia, makes three. Nick planned to donate his long hair to Locks of Love but he’s sort of attached to his man-bun, so it’s staying for now.