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Maggie Pittman

Maggie Pittman

Maggie Pittman

Maggie is confident, engaging and persuasive, which makes her a valuable member of our Primrose Schools, SCANA Energy and Google teams. She wears many hats, with her account roles ranging from social content and community management to event planning.

She joined our firm after serving as a project manager for Incentive Marketing, Inc., where she provided assistance to large clients in the food and beverage industry.  In this role, Maggie ran the company’s trade show program, developed staff training materials for various on-premise beverage programs and generally worked to increase wine, beer and spirit knowledge for hospitality clients across the country.   Solid marketing experience aside, she also picked up valuable social skills on this first job, including the art of pouring the “perfect pint” and how to pace oneself through the rigor of regular wine tastings.

Maggie began her career as an intern at Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, acquiring a “black belt” in social media and learning the ropes on cross-practice consumer campaigns.

She graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations from Auburn University and her academic record scored a full-ride Presidential Scholarship – complete with technology and housing allowance.  She “paid it forward” by founding Auburn’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter, which grew from five to 55 members during its charter year.

Maggie held a number of internships during school, but credits her time in Dún Laoghaire, Ireland as the best time of her life, so far.  While taking an online international marketing course from Auburn, she worked as a production assistant for the Festival of World Cultures, securing food and swag bags for more than 300 artists and volunteers from around the globe.

Her hobbies range from watching football and hockey to reading, preferably anything in the fiction aisle. If you’re looking for Maggie trivia, it may be interesting to know that her given name is Magill and her kitchen cabinet includes a collection of 76 branded koozies – all organized by color.