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Katherine Gatza Zenus

Katherine Gatza Zenus

Katherine Gatza Zenus

Katherine began her JS career as a graphic designer in 2004, but evolved naturally into brand strategy and account management roles, thanks to her eye for detail and heart for client service. She most recently led our Orkin Residential team, blending digital, marketing and PR strategies and tactics to drive business growth.

When she’s not focused on client service externally, she also serves as our Client Advisory Operations Lead internally, helping to ensure that we have the right people, processes and teams in place to deliver high-quality fiercely strategic and creative work for all clients.

Before she joined us, Katherine was an in-house designer for Philips, working on the Philips Consumer Electronics brand. This career stop actually set her up for her current role, as she gained broad experience in concept and design for everything from billboards to packaging.

Katherine graduated cum laude from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. She was awarded the distinction of “With Honors,” completing a body of work and defending it against a panel of her professors. She also studied graphic design and illustration at Atlanta’s Portfolio Center, where she won a number of awards.

Inside JS, Katherine is a sought-after mentor who also serves on our Leadership Team. Outside our walls, she’s an alumna of Leadership Buckhead and is active in the Mt. Bethel Elementary PTA.

A native of Memphis, Katherine now resides in East Cobb with her husband, two daughters and three step-children. Between soccer, football and basketball, their activities ensure that Katherine’s seat stays warm in the cheering section.