Talented People but it’s the character that counts

Emma Martin

Emma Martin

Emma Martin

Emma is just one of those people who gets stuff done. On time. On budget. And, with panache. That’s why we recruited her to join our Delta team as a project manager.

Before coming to JS, Emma was an Account Manager for Campfire Social, a boutique digital agency that helps brands tell their stories through social media management. She approached them as a college freshman looking for a summer job. They took her on – and as a result – Emma’s career trajectory took a hairpin turn from pre-med to communications. Turns out, her high school job helping a wedding planner and her hobby of photography were great credentials for storytelling.

Emma also previously provided digital marketing support for The Common Market Southeast, a mission-driven distributor of regional farm products. It was a passion project she supported throughout high school and college – both as a freelancer and a food consumer.

She graduated with a B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, following many other Tarheels in her family.

Away from work, Emma enjoys reading, gardening, cooking and photography. Her subjects these days are mainly friends or the music scene in Athens, Ga., where she lives in a mid-century-inspired farmhouse she renovated with her husband.

Emma says her can-do spirit can be traced back to her earliest seconds on earth, when she emerged – fists up and ready to take on the world – the firstborn of premature triplets. As the only female in the trio, she’s used to holding her own.