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Ellie Carruth

Ellie Carruth

Ellie Carruth

Ellie began her career at Jackson Spalding in 2006 and has directed key projects with Delta Air Lines including coast-to-coast customer recognition programs, extensive email marketing campaigns, loyalty reward strategies, special events and more. Ellie has also been a driving force for projects with Post Properties, the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID), among many others.

An avid learner, Ellie has been a quick study in the marketing communications arena, demonstrating her talent as a gifted researcher, writer, editor, event strategist and project manager.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and a minor in Sociology at the University of Georgia, where she graduated with honors. She is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society and was a presidential scholar all but one semester of her college career.

Ellie’s world view continues to widen, most recently with a honeymoon trip to Aruba. She also has taken a 10-day journey to Israel where she hiked Masada, slept in a Bedouin desert tent, toured historic Jerusalem and floated in the Dead Sea. During college, she studied in Verona, Italy and flexed her independence by traveling solo to European landmarks that had long captured her imagination.

An enthusiastic cook who has gained office fame for her hash brown casserole, Ellie balances her culinary exploits with an active lifestyle that includes jogging with her husband, and raising her family.


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