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Daniel Henao

Daniel Henao

Daniel Henao

Daniel, whose last name is pronounced “hen-A-oh,” is a member of our media planning and buying team, helping to ensure that the ads we design run when and where they are supposed to. This role requires attention to detail, which Daniel has in spades, thanks to degrees in both accounting and communication.

He went to the University of Alabama, thinking that advertising would be the fallback. But, as he neared graduation, he could see that marketing and advertising suited him better than number-crunching. He pressed on for an additional year, a second degree and the chance to cheer Bama on for one more season of glory.

During his time in Tuscaloosa, Daniel worked as a College Fair Coordinator and as a scholarship assistant in the admissions office. He also was active for several years as a digital strategist at Bama’s inhouse agency, helping to build statewide awareness for alternative fuel vehicles.

By far, Daniel’s most illustrious claim to fame was earning a spot on Bama’s Million Dollar Band for three years. He was part of the drumline, pounding his way through daily practice sessions and three national championships.

Daniel still plans his fall social life around Bama football, but the Braves and Atlanta United attract his interest in the off-season. His downtime includes building and maintaining aquariums, playing guitar and drums, and relaxing at home with his wife, Kayla. He says once his college loans are behind him, he’ll follow-through with his pilot’s license so they can take to the skies.


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