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Brandon Kinzel

Brandon Kinzel

Brandon Kinzel

Brandon is a financial analyst in the Jackson Spalding business office, a position he describes as his dream job. Those of us on the language side of the house are grateful that his mind naturally leans toward cost analysis and number crunching to keep our agency profitable.

He joined our team in 2016, coming most recently from Amware Logistics, a company engaged in high-volume product distribution for e-commerce powerhouses across the U.S. He also has financial experience with Northwestern Mutual and Coyote Logistics, where he began his career in Accounts Payable.

Brandon earned a degree in Finance from the University of North Georgia. He is currently working toward his M.B.A., fulfilling a promise he made to has late grandfather.

Growing up, Brandon remembers passing time in the car with his Mom who would drill him on math problems as they commuted to his various activities. His Dad spent time with him after-school analyzing stock performance on MSNBC, so numbers became a second language. To this day, he says he looks at sentences and automatically counts the words and letters before he thinks about the message itself.

Relaxation for Brandon involves the adrenaline rush of dirt biking, which he enjoys off-road and on the track as often as possible.


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