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Ashley Lansdale

Ashley Lansdale

Ashley Lansdale

Ashley knows how to sniff out a good story, which she does daily as a JS employee embedded in the News Media branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Working as part of the Director Support Team, she manages speaking and media opportunities, coordinating research, interviews and video content that will resonate with CDC audiences.

Her JS career began in 2015, after four years as Public Relations Manager for the Georgia Aquarium, a position loaded with marketing experiences most practitioners only dream about.

In addition to overseeing the attraction’s strategic PR plans, Ashley also conceptualized and served as Associate Producer for the Emmy Award-winning television series, Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin, airing on ABC affiliates nationwide. This job took her all over the world, researching and managing production and partnerships for the first Aquarium-sponsored television show.  When Ashley came into the role she didn’t identify as a science or outdoorsy type, but her aquatic adventures gave her a newfound passion for ecology and the research that protects it.

She began her career in Tampa while earning a degree in Mass Communications at the University of South Florida. Afterward, she rose through the ranks at a boutique PR firm, eventually serving in leadership roles for the Georgia Pecan Commission, the Vidalia Onion Committee and for Ocean Prime Restaurants.

With a father in the mining business, Ashley began her globetrotting early.  She was born in South Africa and spent her high school years in Chile where she became proficient in Spanish.

She loves hiking and running, but isn’t always sure-footed. She tripped on the way to accept the Daytime Emmy Award for Best Documentary Series, right in front of all the soap stars she had grown up watching on T.V.  Let it be known that Ashley is much more confident tripping over the keys of her piano, which she has played since the age of six.