Talented People but it’s the character that counts

Alison Geist

Alison Geist

Alison Geist

Alison joined the Athens Jackson Spalding office on Halloween Day 2017 – but there’s nothing spooky about the work she’s doing for her clients.  With experience at three other agencies, she brings a wide variety of communications skill to her role at JS, where she serves Georgia Neurological Spine, Georgia Transmission Corporation and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

It was her father who suggested public relations as a career when she was a sophomore in high school. “He told me I liked to tell the good things about people.”

Since graduating from Clemson University in 2011 with a degree in communications studies, Alison has shared her talents with clients in a range of fields. She served internships with the Georgia State Games, Weber Shandwick in Dallas, and the Coastal Plain (baseball) League.

Her parents tell her that as a child, she was always on the go. “Even as an adult, I don’t do well sitting still.” Outside work, she enjoys a good workout or a long ride on her road bike.

Alison’s raucous laugh has quickly become trademark around JS and is a reminder of one of her favorite quotations from Horace Walpole: “Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy for those who think.”

As a 12-year-old, she traveled to Australia for two weeks, without her parents but in the company of other young tennis players. The trip left the former high school tennis player with a bucket list item – to attend either Wimbledon or the French Open.  Makes sense, as she’s already “acing” her work at Jackson Spalding.