The New Crisis Communication Plan

It’s tomorrow morning.
Something terrible has happened...

The situation is so eye-catching, people are using their phones to take pictures and post on social media. Nearby drivers and community members are scared. Law enforcement is involved. Reporters are calling. Unanswered calls turn into reporters showing up unannounced trying to interview anyone they can for a story that will air in an hour.

This is a true story. The first time this organization reached out to Jackson Spalding was during this crisis, and the message was already spiraling out of control. Leaders had not taken steps to prepare. Unfortunately, this lack of planning is far too common, but it’s a scenario that does less permanent damage and is made much easier to handle if you take steps to prepare before it happens.

What’s Inside

  • Overview of crisis communication planning
  • Guide to activating your crisis plan
  • Keys to identifying trigger words
  • Comprehensive steps to creating a post-crisis checklist 

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