Content Marketing How to Drive Full-Funnel Demand

An essential component of any
effective inbound marketing strategy

If we were having this conversation five to seven years ago, I’d tell you, if you build it (great content), they will come (your ideal consumer). However, today’s consumers are more informed and have more choices than ever before. Natural consumer behavior is inquisitive. This means that they have more resources at their fingertips (literally) than consumers of yesteryear. Whether they are on your website or standing in your brick and mortar, they’re just a few clicks from reviews, blog posts and competitor websites.

Welcome to the connected consumer. Connectivity is the new normal. Attention is the new currency. And it’s time for brands to tap in. Long gone are the days of push and pull tactics, and focusing solely on the top of the funnel. To learn how to drive full-funnel demand, download the whitepaper. It’s your guide to content, distribution and measurement throughout the beginning, middle and end of the customer journey.

What’s Inside

  • Overview of marketing channels for the top, middle and bottom of the funnel
  • Guide to mapping your customer journey framework
  • Key measurement tactics for each phase
  • Comprehensive steps to getting started

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