Steely Works

A Design Studio Startup

Fueled by the unforgettable work and vision of Brian Steely

The Studio

Steely Works began as a small side project for Brian Steely, a leading graphic designer at Jackson Spalding. Little by little, a handful of freelance gigs and personal projects grew a worldwide audience through social media and word of mouth. After years of working late nights and weekends in addition to a full-time workload at Jackson Spalding, Steely decided to officially launch a design studio inside Jackson Spalding that caters to brands that seek an unconventional, yet highly refined aesthetic.

Brian Steely

Steely is a prolific designer who still takes pride in taking risks with his work. His reputation has earned him a rockstar following in social and design circles that he grew organically simply by being passionate about his work. His raw, minimalist and tactile aesthetic has attracted high-profile clients clamoring for his distinctive and thought-provoking visual solutions. The soft-spoken guy that can say a lot with very little has earned the right to be very discerning with the brands he now works with. Whether it's surfboards, software, bands or beer, pro football or national parks, Steely’s work is simply unforgettable.

Jackson Spalding - Steely Works, Startup