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B2B Marketing “Down to a Science”

Infesting the market with a new brand message

The Challenge

Jackson Spalding has been Orkin’s B2B marketing agency for 15 years, so when Orkin evolved its brand position, captured best in their tagline, “Pest Control Down to a Science,” they turned to Jackson Spalding to translate the positioning into a persuasive campaign for commercial prospects.

The Barriers

Pest control is a fiercely competitive, highly-fragmented category and many of Orkin’s business prospects can view it as a commodity service. They want their pest control – and pests – to be out of sight and out of mind so they can focus on their customers. As with any perceived commodity, price can become the only meaningful differentiator. This was the most important barrier to overcome.

Jackson Spalding - B2B Marketing, Orkin


We applied years of sales performance data, multiple primary research studies, and audience insights – gleaned from LinkedIn, website data, sales rep surveys, tradeshows, past content marketing efforts and more – to inform our approach.

Jackson Spalding - B2B Marketing, Orkin

Our Approach

Our approach was to show our most valuable prospects the value of Orkin’s scientific approach at every stage of the buyer journey – from seeing an advertisement to reading a magazine article to clicking on a LinkedIn post to being impressed with how their Orkin sales rep conducts an inspection.


Our paid advertising strategy has shifted, from a mix of print and digital brand advertising to reorient Orkin’s brand around science, to a heavy dose of digital advertising to drive buyers to Orkin’s expert content. If the first phase was about telling prospects how different we are, the second phase is about showing them.

Jackson Spalding - B2B Marketing, Orkin

Content Marketing

Effective content marketing is impossible without rock solid content. We work with Orkin’s experts to conceive and produce a wide variety of content for Orkin.com, from infographics to listicles to e-books, that can engage target buyers in digital channels and attract more of those buyers to Orkin.com via organic search.

Jackson Spalding - B2B Marketing, Orkin, Digital

Social Media

Jackson Spalding also serves as Orkin’s social media agency, and LinkedIn is one of our primary content marketing channels for the B2B audience. Using LinkedIn’s advanced targeting and optimization features, we foster engagement with our B2B content and have continued to drive results over time as we measure, learn and optimize.

Sales Coaching

Orkin is known for its employee training. Its commercial pest control specialists are arguably the best trained in the industry. Orkin’s sales reps go through an extensive training regimen, too, which we supplement with a variety of internal sales coaching tools to help them sell more of the specific kinds of prospects we target in our marketing.

Jackson Spalding is the best kind of agency partner. They’re creative, they understand our business, and they get results.” Cam GloverRollins, Inc.Marketing Director

The Results

Marketing only matters if it’s working, so we measure and report results regularly – not just on our campaigns, but on the performance of the business as a whole. As more marketing channels offer more data, we’re able to measure, learn and optimize Orkin’s investment across our entire marketing mix. That’s B2B marketing down to a science.


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customer leads


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The Orkin
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Meet the JS team that worked tirelessly alongside our amazing clients to make Orkin commercial marketing such a huge success.