The Coca-Cola Company

Make Some Noise: Bringing The 2022 USA Summer Games To Life

How JS transformed a challenging ask into Special Olympics gold


In 2022, The Coca-Cola Company partnered with Special Olympics International to support the USA Summer Games in Orlando, FL. To build excitement for the Games and showcase the athletes, the two companies approached Jackson Spalding asking for a video to play in event venues during competition.

To satisfy this ask, Jackson Spalding developed a video concept entitled “Make Some Noise” that featured these athletes not just as heroic champions of their sport, but also as impromptu musicians creating an energetic piece of music with their equipment: wrists being taped, the dribble of a basketball, bowling pins crashing, weights sliding onto a bar—all of these sounds and more would be combined to create a signature music track.

The end product was a 60-second video featuring five Special Olympics sports that debuted on social media and in-venue at the 2022 USA Summer Games. The Special Olympics clients were so happy with the work, they used some of their airtime allotted for Games coverage to run the spot nationally on ESPN2 and ABC.

Services Provided

  • Video Production
  • Creative Concepting

Video Concepting + Production

JS was challenged with creating a hardworking piece of communication that highlighted both the Special Olympic athletes and Coca-Cola’s music-centered summer campaign. Budget constraints meant that licensing music was not an option, so our team had to get fiercely creative to satisfy the complex ask. Our solution? Let the athletes create the music themselves in this amazing 60-second TV spot.

Shine As One

The Results

The produced 60-second video was debuted on social media, in venue at the 2022 USA Summer Games, and on ESPN2 and ABC as part of their Games coverage in June in 2022.

The Team

Meet the creative minds behind this production: