Is Your Brand Foundation Strong?

Every company is a brand. It’s known for something. It’s earned a reputation (good or bad). It has customers – until it doesn’t. So what does it take to create a strong foundation for your company brand? It begins with pouring the right things into that foundation.

A strong foundation includes these essential elements:

    • A real purpose (aka mission) – the deep down reason why your business exists
    • A set of core values – the principles that guide how you operate
    • A positioning statement – your secret formula that defines and differentiates you
    • A brand essence – the very core of what you’re about
    • A set of key messages – words that define who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why it matters

Today, there are countless ways to deliver your company brand messages. You can tweet, post, publicize, advertise, sponsor, make speeches and more. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter what tactic you use to reach your audiences if your messaging is wrong.

If you haven’t identified what your company stands for, how best to describe what you do so that people get it, and what makes you different from the other guys, then every cent you spend on communicating about your brand is wasted and is a bad investment.

So what makes a strong foundation? One that has all of those elements listed above. And what makes a weak one? Very simply, one that doesn’t.

Around the world, there are landmark buildings still standing after hundreds of years for good reason: someone took the time to build a strong foundation. Perhaps a more relevant example: you wouldn’t build a quality home for yourself and use inferior materials in the foundation. Why would you do it with your company brand?

Make the investment. The results will be lasting.