Why Snapchat’s Acquisition of a Company You’ve Never Heard of is a Big Deal

A few months ago, Snapchat purchased a 3D app company called Seene for a reportedly low sticker price, and news of the acquisition is now starting to make waves. Seene allows a user’s smartphone to scan objects in 3D simply using the phone’s camera. Companies with the revenue of Snapchat buy smaller companies all the time. What makes this different is what Snapchat could possibly do with the technology.

One could argue (and we do) that Snapchat is currently not only in the communication- and image-sharing business, but it also offers users an augmented reality experience. At its core definition, augmented reality provides users a modified sense of their current perception. Layering lenses over users’ faces allows them to experience a reality that is different from their physical existence. The addition of a 3D scanner to the current Snapchat lenses could expedite their rise to success and improve current fan favorite features, like Face Swap.

Opportunities for Snapchat to leverage this type of digital marketing technology could easily:

      • Allow users to send 3D selfies
      • Reorder the objects being manipulated, allowing users to appear virtually at faraway
        places like Stonehenge
        or Coachella

While everyone is rushing to market with virtual reality in a viable and usable way, the addition of Seene may well put Snapchat on its way to leading the social media pack. That is impressive enough until you consider that Snapchat’s version would not require users to wear a mask, something that made 3D televisions a tough sell. This combination could make Snapchat even more popular and valuable.