Why Amazon is Prime

I love all things Amazon and let’s just say Prime Day is my jam! It’s the one day out of the year when Amazon Prime members are treated like royalty. Okay, royalty might be a bit much, but certainly treated like Amazon VIPs with exclusive offers on trendy (and some not so trendy), majorly discounted products. I’m sure some products are planned for hype and marketing, some based on overstock, and others are established based on what retailers want in and can keep up. Regardless of how the products are chosen and prioritized, I know my $99 a year grants me access to all the Prime Day goods on top of my year round, free two-day shipping. Yes! All. The. Yes!

As a digital strategist, I know Amazon Prime Day has been a huge boost in the growth of their business. I think most can agree that the three keys to growing a business are:

  1. Offer people something they need.
  2. Always add new interest and customers to your community.
  3. Keep your current customer base happy to prompt them to buy more, and buy more often.

Amazon is crushing it. Details? Yup, I was just getting there.

Offer something people need!
Hello, it’s Amazon and they have everything! Okay, not entirely but where else can you go online to shop for clothing, groceries, furniture, a Nicolas Cage pillowcase, glow in the dark toilet paper, a Pamela Sunny Suit and zombie jerky all at one time? Add accelerated shipping on top of that, and I’d say this box is double-checked.

Grow your community.
Honestly, one of the things I love most about Amazon Prime Day is anyone can sign up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of the awesome deals. This is a great way to engage with people who don’t already use Amazon or Amazon Prime. A percentage of those users will stick around, adding to the current customer base and ultimately, growing the community. Some folks game the system by signing up, getting the goods and canceling before being charged. Truth be told, I initially signed up for a free trial just in time for free holiday shipping one year, but I was hooked.

And, can we talk about the free marketing opportunities provided by every news source, blogger, website, etc. talking about revolving and expiring Prime Day deals? I love a solid organic source providing buying tips, best deals and biggest savings. This is the ultimate win in expanding your community horizons.

Build customer loyalty – adding sales and enhancing frequency.
It is all about the user’s experience. The more you know about a user and can anticipate their needs, the more conversions you will get. Amazon is so calculated in their efforts toward their community. Personalized emails throughout Prime Day with suggested items of interest are easy and effective opportunities to re-engage someone who thought they might be done shopping for the day. Create more opportunity to buy and more opportunities to impress.

Bottom line, what should retailers be learning from Amazon?

  1. Create a VIP experience. Your community wants to feel valued as a customer of yours. Specialized messaging, exclusive deals and killer personalized user experience will win over the toughest critics.
  2. Drive Action. Take a note from Amazon and add urgency – count down clocks, percentage of inventory that is claimed, and enticing product suggestions and messaging will prompt the user into action, which will build your bottom line.
  3. Plan, review and optimize. Have a strategy and stick to it. People excel on all accounts when there is a process in place and a plan being followed. A written guide gives you the opportunity to review what you have done, establish what works (and what doesn’t) and change your strategy based on the findings.

If you want help getting started or a quick review of your current e-commerce and marketing efforts, Jackson Spalding is glad to help. Reach out. We love this stuff!