Where Leaders Can’t Overdo It Right Now

In the wake of COVID-19, there is no doubt that we are all facing unique and unprecedented challenges. Things that once seemed so simple have become much more cumbersome, and the uncertainty we all face can drain our bodies and our spirits on a daily basis.

If you are in a leadership position during this unique season, it is imperative that you remember to take care of yourself as well as others. It is simply more than okay to over-emphasize/do more of the following in today’s stressful and unfamiliar work climate. Here’s where you simply can’t overdo it right now:

  • Overcommunicate with your team. Do it with clarity, consistency, discipline and honesty. Find your communications cadence and use it consistently and effectively.
  • Over-encourage all those whom you are working with. People need to be built up, especially now. Do this building up sincerely as a servant leader.
  • Over-empathize with those who may be struggling for a wide range of reasons. During this business chapter, your emotional intelligence as a leader needs to be at an absolute all-time high.
  • Over-appreciate all those who matter most to you in your professional and personal life. Let this genuine appreciation be felt and heard and, most of all, seen. And don’t be afraid to use technology to assist you along the way.
  • Over-prepare for and polish up the opportunities you are pursuing in the new business realm. Use wisely the extra time we all have now to your distinct advantage. Time can be a tremendous ally when you use it the right way.
  • Overwhelm those you care for with DTUs (doing the unexpected). It is a beautiful thing to do and watch and extremely important this very minute!
  • Over-anticipate where your business needs to go and grow once the business doors open up again. Be poised to capitalize on present and future opportunities in your respective marketplace. Keep thinking about the following question: how do we prepare for and capitalize on what is around the corner for our business?
  • Over-love one another. This is the most essential item to remember as we navigate this unusual period of time together. For love never fails.

Do all these things intentionally and, yes, overtly and watch what happens. Remain positive and truthful as a leader. Continue to serve others and stay in touch with people who deeply matter most to you in your work and beyond.

I predict it will make a difference and also will impact you in various silver-lining-like ways. Make no mistake, the best businesses will endure during this challenging season and shine more brightly in due time.

Strength for the journey.