Top 5 Reasons to Ignore Anyone Who Thinks Your Brand Should Not Be on Snapchat in 2016

Remember that immature friend you had in college that you found out is now a successful business person? You completely struggle with seeing them in the context, and in your eyes they will always be that fun friend who could never been taken seriously. Well, my friends, that is Snapchat. Over the last year, Snapchat has evolved from a fun, silly place teens communicate, to a legitimate brand marketing channel with more than 100 million daily users.

While every platform is not for every brand, the following are five reasons why you should be at least entertaining the idea of adding Snapchat to your brand social strategy.

  1. 1.  Heavy Usage and Growth
    – If I told you more than 60% of U.S. 13-34-year-old smartphone users are on a platform, would you be interested in joining the conversation? What if I told you 760 million photos and videos are sent on this platform daily? Or that there are 4 billion daily views? Still no? What about if I said 76% of users of the platform made an online purchase in the last month? Well, all of these are true about Snapchat, and these numbers are just going to continue to grow.
  2. 2.  Guaranteed Attention
    – Despite the recent change that eliminated users from having to hold down a snap to view it, there is still an almost-guaranteed viewership for users who click on a snap. Unlike streams in Twitter or Instagram, brands can know how many people actually saw their content. What the small but significant update impacts is the quickness in which brands hook a viewer.
  3. 3.  Express Yourself
    – Snapchat is one of the only platforms that allows users to draw on top of video and images natively, meaning brands that are creative and fun have an opportunity to express this on Snapchat. Utilizing Snapchat Stories allows brands to tell a complete, and interesting, story.
  4. 4.  People Respond to Urgency
    – Whether we like it or not, humans are wired to not want to miss out. The #FOMO is real. By running promotions, making big announcements or offering something unique for fans, the 24-hour time limit on Snapchat can make for scheduled viewing unlike any other platform.
  5. 5.  Discover is Telling
    – Discover is a feature that allowed eleven select media companies to share unique stories that legitimized the app. Additionally, brands can advertise in the pre-roll program to also reach the selected company’s user base. While your brand may not be able to afford to join the pre-roll option, the mere fact that these big media companies are spending money to be on Snapchat should speak volumes. 

Does Snapchat have its limitations? It is hard to put a dollar amount to its ROI, and you have to cross promote it on other channels for starters, but it is still a top five social platform. If your target audience is between the ages of 13-34, or if you think you might need to sell to this target demographic in the next five to ten years, you might want to start thinking really hard about how your brand is currently speaking to them and decide if Snapchat makes too much sense to keep ignoring. You don’t have to love it, but you need to understand why others do.