The Weight of Words: Dallas Citizens Council Annual Meeting

They say the best things in life are free, and lucky for us (and our public relations budgets) that includes a very important thing: words. Big or small, words allow us to engage with one another, share our perspective, and – perhaps most importantly – tell a story.

When we bring people together at an event, we should strive for them to walk away with something, and that something shouldn’t just be the programs we pass out. It should be the lasting impression and purpose of our words.

Enter Dallas Citizens Council and its Annual Meeting. A partnership that spans four years, our agency’s Dallas public relations team works hand-in-hand with the prestigious organization on its Annual Meeting, which is attended by more than 1,000 people.

From strategy to planning and execution, every aspect of the event is carefully thought out to guarantee we hit the nail on the head. This process all centers on one very important piece: the theme.

While small, a theme sure is mighty. In this case, it sets the event’s foundation by providing a focus and sharing with attendees what Dallas Citizens Council stands for and what it’s working to accomplish that year.

With four Annual Meetings under our belt, our team has worked with this client to develop more than a few themes. Themes of past Dallas Citizens Council Annual Meetings include “Moments that Matter Most” and “Texans on the World Stage,” with the most recent being “Growth. Prosperity. Inclusion.”

Dallas Citizens Council 2019

These three simple words rooted themselves at the core of the 2019 Annual Meeting, reflected in everything from the event collateral to the conversation between the two speakers, General (ret.) and former U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and The Carlyle Group’s David Rubenstein.

From the design of digital promotional materials to table centerpieces, we challenged our creative team to use the theme’s three words as a common thread. Sharing the theme through collateral provided a platform to repeatedly promote Dallas Citizens Council’s focus. No matter the medium in which attendees and intended audiences interacted with the Dallas Citizens Council Annual Meeting, the ever-present theme reminded them of the organization’s goals.

Dallas Citizens Council Chairman Fred Perpall took “Growth. Prosperity. Inclusion.” from the page to the stage, addressing attendees about the organization’s mission of bridging gaps that exist in the community for all citizens. Gen. Mattis continued to emphasize the theme’s importance when he shared with guests that he “look[s] forward just like the city of Dallas” to create a better future.

The theme also went on to generate buzz with local media. From D Magazine to NBC DFW, reporters embodied storytellers of the meeting’s message, including it in event coverage and exponentially increasing the number of eyes that would see it.

Our Dallas public relations team secured 8.8 million impressions for 2019’s Annual Meeting. Media and other attendees also shared news of and from the event on social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, further multiplying the visibility of Dallas Citizens Council and its Annual Meeting theme.

Dallas Citizens Council Public Relations

While no two Annual Meetings have had the same focus, all the themes have one thing in common: compelling words that paint the picture of Dallas Citizens Council for event attendees.

A successful event doesn’t end when the last person exits the doors – it lives on in the digital sphere and the memories of those whom attended. And words, especially when shared through an impactful tagline, ensure your message resonates online and in their mind for time to come.