The Importance of Staying Power

This distinct business and life chapter we are all writing together requires its share of staying power. “Stay” is certainly a relevant word right now as many of us are literally staying at home to perform our respective jobs and striving to do these important tasks in the midst of helping with homework, walking the dogs, checking in with friends and family – the list is endless.

Particularly in business, there are several “stay” priorities we need to be mindful of as we continue to move forward with momentum during these unusual circumstances.

Here are just a few:

  • Stay positive – Keep your chin up and avoid falling into a negative mindset. There is power in positive thinking. Push back against the inertia of negativity in your life, especially now. Don’t go there. Instead, remain optimistic and purposeful.
  • Stay in touch – Stay connected with your team and clients, using personal touches along with technology to do so. Find your “stay-in-touch rhythm” and stick to it. It makes for a melodious sound when the rhythm is good: think Miles Davis in the Blue Note Records days!
  • Stay focused – Continue to stay zeroed in on your daily priorities. Focus can be hard. Look for ways to keep your mind clear, whether it be through walks, exercising or extended breaks from screen time.
  • Stay strategic – Stay committed to thinking about what’s around the corner for your business. Remain anticipatory about where you want your organization to go, adjustments you have to make as you shape the clay of your organization or team.
  • Stay driven – Keep up the energy as you move forward. If you are a business owner, remember owning a business is about acceleration not deceleration, even when obstacles arise.
  • Stay visible – Be seen among the people who need to see and hear from you the most. Leverage today’s virtual work environment creatively and smartly to bring outbound and inbound opportunities your way over time by continuing to foster and forge relationships with people outside of your organization.
  • Stay real – We are all going through a lot in various shapes and forms. Be real as a leader. Admit when you might be struggling. Be your authentic self.
  • Stay true – This very important one relates to staying true to your organization’s values. There has never been a more important time to live out and demonstrate these values in meaningful ways.
  • Stay rested – Recharge your battery by getting the proper amount of sleep. My little formula is threefold: rest, reflect, restart. The weekends can be a good time to put such a formula to effective use.

All in all, let’s stay strong as we keep leading and learning during a temporary period that seems thronged with challenges. I predict those who focus on the above priorities will stay poised and in prime shape when all these challenges are behind us. And they will be.

Strength for the journey.