Six Questions to Ask Before an Instagram Influencer Takeover

There’s no doubt influencer marketing works. The positive word of mouth and ability to reach new customers grows exponentially as an influencer posts about your brand to their blog or social media sites. And when they post to your social media? The results can be gold.

Hosting an Instagram takeover doesn’t have to be hard. But, you have to be prepared. Here are six questions you must ask before you host an Instagram takeover:

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1.  Who will be posting?

Now that Instagram allows you to sign in to multiple accounts, you could hand over your password and the keys to your brand’s kingdom. Or, we might suggest having your influencer send your social media manager the photos and captions. Then you monitor the content and add relevant and campaign-dedicated hashtags. This protects your account, ensures you have editorial control of your messaging and gives your influencer one less thing to worry about.

2.  What the heck do we post all day?

While the takeover should seem organic to your followers, the Instagram takeover can actually be planned to a T. Work with your influencer to outline the theme and content ideas for each post. Plans for professional photography can even be made ahead of time. An introduction post should always be included to give your followers some context to what they can expect the rest of the day. Your influencer should then use the same photo or video on their personal Instagram page to direct their followers to your brand page. You don’t want the influencer reposting everything from your page, but an intro will help direct untapped customers to check you out.

instagram influencer takeover

3.  How often should you post?

With an introduction and goodbye taking care of two posts, three or four additional posts throughout the day should suffice. If the goal of the takeover is a step-by-step process, more posts are appropriate. You don’t want to bombard your followers, but make sure you have enough content to make the takeover informative and inspiring.

4.  Who responds to comments and questions?

Individual responsibilities should always be established on the front end. If you’re not handing over your Instagram profile (which we hope you’re not), make sure your social media or digital marketing manager responds to questions directed at the brand; your influencer can check the comments and respond using their own handle.

5.  Who gets the credit?

You want to distinguish posts made by the influencer from your regular social media posts. Make sure each caption signs off with the influencer’s own social media handle. You can put the caption in quotes followed by @UserName or throw in an emoji. Just make sure to give credit where credit is due.

influencer takeover

6.  How do we know it worked?

The easiest way to track results is to record the number of followers you have before the first takeover post and then again morning after. You should also track your engagement on these takeover posts compared to a normal day. If the influencer is promoting a product, create a trackable link via or to use as your “link in bio” and include incentive in your caption directing followers to check it out. The influencer can temporarily change their own profile link to be this, too. The key takeaway here is make sure to define measurable goals as part of your overall content marketing plan before you start.