Why the Right Brand Name Matters

Whether naming a product, service, or business, choosing just the right name is critical because it’s the first impression people have about your brand. And you must be able to market, own and protect it.

But of all the components of branding, from brand purpose to core values, naming has perhaps become the hardest, as more products and services enter an already busy marketplace. Although there is a nearly infinite number of combinations of consonants and vowels, there are only so many good ones. So, we see pharma ads touting new headache remedies with copy like, “That’s when my doctor recommended Xyklopsofil.”

If you’re considering a naming project, it’s suggested that you seek professional help (or you may be seeking your own personal professional help the more challenging the project becomes). This includes:

  • An experienced agency to lead you through the process
  • An intellectual property attorney to assist with trademark research and registration

It’s not as simple as grabbing a couple of team members, holing up in a conference room for an hour, and brainstorming names. You need outside support. And once that’s in place, the team responsible for naming will need to be:

  • Creative – Brainstorming a variety of names that are (and this is important) inspired by your positioning
  • Flexible – Willing to accept several different options, as not all name ideas will survive the trademark research
  • Patient – Done properly, naming can take several months, not days, so plan accordingly

Investing your time and resources in the right name really does matter because, honestly, which headache medicine would you likely reach for: Aleve or Xyklopsofil?