Surprise and Delight: Uniquely Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership

At Jackson Spalding, we have long believed in doing “great work and good works.” Not only do we strive to go above and beyond every day to produce exceptional results for our clients, but we’re also committed to giving back to the communities we serve.

These two ideals came together beautifully when we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our partnership with Primrose Schools. Throughout the last decade, Jackson Spalding has provided a variety of support to Primrose – including strategic communications counsel, media and influencer relations, social media strategy and execution as well as general marketing, digital and graphic design, and more – to help advance the company’s growth while positioning Primrose as a premier brand and thought leader within the early education and care industry.

As the anniversary approached, we began brainstorming ideas for how to honor this long-standing relationship, but nothing seemed quite right. Should we throw a big party? Commission a piece of art? We wanted to make sure we came up with an idea that had depth and meaning.

At the time, we were also working to refine the messaging for their Primrose PromiseSM corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, which embodies their commitment to empower people, care for the planet and give back to communities. That’s when we had what Primrose would call a “lightbulb moment!” – and realized the perfect way to celebrate our partnership. We were already contributing to the company’s CSR efforts from a communications standpoint, but what if we could engage JS in a meaningful act of service in their honor which would truly bring Primrose Promise to life?

Energized by this opportunity for collective impact, a belief championed by Primrose CEO Jo Kirchner, we rallied the troops – not just those who are involved in our Primrose account, but all of our JS team members across the country. We hosted our own month-long can-a-thon, inspired by the annual “Caring and Giving Food Drive” that more than 63,000 Primrose children from nearly 400 schools participate in every year.

In the end, we collected 10,000 cans – one thousand for each year of our partnership. We donated the canned goods on behalf of Primrose Schools to food banks in Atlanta, Athens and Dallas markets that align with our offices and Primrose Schools locations. In Atlanta alone, our donation equated to 5,400 pounds of food estimated to provide nearly 4,500 meals.

With this effort, our 150-member agency exemplified the true potential of collective impact, while also expressing our shared commitment to advancing our communities.

Thank you, Primrose, for an incredible decade of partnership and for inspiring a gesture that had profound impact on communities across the country. We look forward to continuing to help you forge a path that leads to a brighter future for all children – and fulfilling our own commitment to give back to the communities we serve.