PREVIEW: New Motion Graphics Reel

At Jackson Spalding, we’re constantly thinking of new and better ways to communicate.

One recent area of focus is animation.

What happens when the graphics from our designers are supercharged by motion design?

Visuals that float, bounce, breathe, spin, wiggle, blend, fuse, stretch and surge appear on the screen to create a more compelling, informative story. By bending the rules of nature, we are able to create the most engaging content for our clients and a deeper experience for their audiences.

“Animations do not just engage your customers; they also inspire them to actually make purchases and help your business in maximizing profits. Statistics reveal that including an animated video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by a whopping 80%.”
– (via

Animation fits for just about all formats of digital content too;  infographics, interactive games and quizzes, social media content, videos and the list goes on.

It all comes together when a motion designer like Robert Bumgarner works in After Effects to animate designs from Jon Nofsinger, Lisa Sills, Catherine Holden, Brian Steely and others.

Check out some of their amazing work here:

Interested? Let’s chat…then, let’s get in motion.