Piedmont Healthcare CMO Shares Eternal Truths in Marketing


Douwe Bergsma is not your typical chief marketing officer of a health system. Joining Piedmont Healthcare over a year ago, Douwe’s experience screams consumer marketing and innovation from sitting as a dean with the Cannes Lions School – which helps professionals harness their creative potential at every career stage – to time spent with Georgia-Pacific as its first CMO and nearly 20 years before that with Proctor & Gamble.

However, many leading hospitals and health systems have been vying for marketing and communications leaders to help shake up the healthcare marketing game and, as a result, continue to tap into other market segments to enhance their teams. Ripe for change, healthcare communications and marketing have been primed for a big-time makeover as consumer expectations and demands have changed.

We gleaned Douwe’s insights and perspective on entering the healthcare space, working with Cannes Lions on a new program and discussing the eternal truths of engaging audiences, regardless of sector.

Want to dig deeper into this kind of thinking? We’ve developed a guide – which you can download here – to help you reimagine your approach to healthcare marketing by building distinct brand experiences.