Listen, It Might Be Time to Produce a Podcast

Louie: Hello everyone, my name is Louie Spivak and I’m your co-host this week for JS Thinkstand.

Selden: And I’m Selden Hunnicutt, and we’re coming to you live from Midtown Atlanta. Today, we’re going to do some real soul searching by asking and answering this question – are podcasts right for your brand?

Louie: Well, Selden, I don’t want to give too much away, but the short answer is yes. But to explain why it’s right, I first need to explain why it works.

No one listens to a podcast by mistake. It’s a choice based on our interests and our preferences. So that means if someone’s listening, they’re expecting to be entertained and informed. And that means, you’ve got an audience that’s, literally, all ears. It’s a tremendous opportunity for a brand to share some thought leadership with some real personality.

Next, think about how you discovered your favorite podcasts. For most of us, someone who shared our interests recommended it to us. That’s the other secret sauce in podcast marketing. Loyal and engaged listeners ultimately become your brand ambassadors. But just like you wouldn’t recommend a boring podcast, no one will recommend your company’s if the content isn’t worth listening to.

So, you’ve got a captive audience and word-of-mouth marketing, but you also have a medium that is on-trend. People want to be life-long learners, and they want to use their downtime well, and podcasts are a perfect answer to those desires. An evening commute isn’t quite so morose when you’re queuing the next episode. The morning workout a little less painful if you can distract your mind with something engaging.

Selden: Well, Louie, you’ve kept my attention so far, which is the goal of any good podcast, right? Let’s take a quick break. When we’re back, we’ll answer why podcasts are the “smart” choice.

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Well, we’re back now and tackling the next part of the puzzle, why are podcasts smart for your brand?

Selden: Well, Louie, let’s start with the most convincing reason – high-quality podcasts are relatively cheap and easy to create. With recording software, a dash of sound quality engineering and a quick upload to a hosting service, you can share your message with audiences around the globe. In fact, podcast participants don’t even have to be in the same city, state or country to record with one another, allowing your company’s thought leaders around the world to connect and share knowledge.

For those feeling a little boxed in by 30 second ads, why not try a 30 minute conversation? Podcasts pose fewer restrictions, so you can choose content and timing that fits your specifications – not theirs. You’re not bound by a single, narrow topic or an expensive visual element; it’s just you and the mic, and you can produce as many episodes as you want and need. Plus, when it comes to podcasts, the spotlight’s on you; there aren’t any other advertisers or clickbait articles to steal your listeners’ attention.

And, like you said, Louie, podcast equals personality. Listeners are choosing to stream you, and they’re looking for what makes you special. Without fear of cost or restriction of time and content, you can let your brand’s true colors come through. What special something makes your brand different? How amazing are your people? In podcasts, those elements can really shine. Spontaneous conversation allows listeners to find that intangible quality that attracts them to you.

Louie: Selden, what do you think that intangible quality is for JS Thinkstand?

Selden: Must be those 5 C’s, Louie. Thanks for joining us for this episode of JS Thinkstand.