Launching a New Brand for Georgia Forestry Foundation


Georgia is the number one forestry state in the nation, as measured by total acres of working forest. The Georgia Forestry Foundation (GFF) is a nonprofit organization that supports the state’s forestry industry by connecting 10 million Georgians to 22 million acres of sustainable, working forest. GFF has a mission to sustain Georgia’s forests through funding and support of leadership development, policy studies and education to enhance the economic, environmental and community value of working forests for Georgia.

Jackson Spalding worked alongside the Georgia Forestry Foundation to share this story of sustainability through branding and messaging work, recently featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

To begin the branding process, the Jackson Spalding team facilitated  brainstorm sessions to fully understand the challenges facing the organization, the sentiments surrounding the forestry industry and the economic and environmental benefits it provides to all Georgians. These insights informed the development of a communications strategy, key messages and talking points to get everyone on the same page.

Next, Jackson Spalding created three unique brandscapes to strengthen and inform brand identity. Brandscapes are creative representations of brand style and how the brand connects emotionally with an audience, including colors, textures pattern and descriptive words. This process allowed JS to get a clear understanding of the visual aesthetic Georgia Forestry Foundation desired through reactions and option-based, open discussions. Solidifying brand style informed all creative projects going forward.

Our creative team worked with Georgia Forestry Foundation to create a logo spotlighting the balance and life cycle of the sky, the water and the forest, which showcases how harmony between those three elements signifies a $32 billion annual impact for the state’s economy. The team then created visual assets for the foundation including a branded license plate under consideration by the state legislature, a redesigned stationery suite and an animated version of the new logo. These efforts support Georgia Forestry Foundation’s goal of consistent style and engaging content across platforms to reconnect Georgians to the state’s working forests.