It’s hoops time: how can you help your team?

This is one of my favorite times of the year. March Madness is the ultimate college sporting event. There are interesting match-ups, and the games always have their share of last-minute buzzer beaters.

Okay, here is a quick quasi hoops question: If you have a business team of five on the court, what position would you play?

When our firm started 22 years ago, I was a point guard. I played 40 minutes. I shot. I rebounded. I did a lot of “give and gos.”  It was non-stop action.

Now, my point guard days are over. We have faster, better point guards at JS. My new role is that of a players’ coach. I help call some of the plays, make sure the team on the court is right and, when needed, get into the game to help make an outlet pass, take a shot or make a rebound.

Leaders of teams need to act like player coaches and not point guards. Let the team play. Guide them along. When needed, take off the sweats and get in the game but try, most of the time, to stay out of the way.

Do I really need to be at the meeting? If not, let someone else run it. Give them a taste of what responsibility feels like.

Your team will be better for it and so will your business.  And the bottom line is your business will grow, and you will win more games.   Here’s to the “W” column.