Blue Skies Ahead: We’re Growing in California

One of the best songs vintage California band The Beach Boys ever recorded was “Good Vibrations.” I thought of the tune a lot while visiting our growing West Coast team in L.A. this month. We are taking on new territory with our strategic decision to expand our presence in California; a decision that will allow us to better serve our existing clients operating in L.A. and beyond, as well as introduce ourselves to new clients, future colleagues and connections.

We couldn’t be more excited about the momentum of this small but mighty team.

Our work for Mendocino Farms is a great example of fiercely strategic and fiercely creative work in action. Mendo trusted us with their recent brand refresh launch, as well as supporting all of their new store openings in California and Texas over the upcoming year. We’re extremely proud of the mutual respect evident in our relationship with Mendo, it’s a shining example of our purpose as an agency – to create meaningful relationships rooted in mutual respect. I even got to experience the brand’s signature “Eat Happy” hospitality firsthand on my visit to L.A. and was blown away!

Our JS West team is also working with new client Warner Music Group, who recently acquired David Bowie’s song catalog. He’s one of my favorite artists of all time. Talk about a dream project! We’re grateful for this opportunity, which came through a former JS employee who now leads the communications team. Another great reminder of the enduring power of relationships.

We talked a lot about the importance of relationship building during my visit. It will be the key to success for our growing JS West team. I reminded them of the four types of relationship building mindsets I wrote about in my book, Preeminence. Here’s a quick reminder:  

  • The Investor Mindset: “Long term, low pressure”  
  • The Connector Mindset: “Genuine always wins” 
  • The Personalizer Mindset: “Personalize to maximize” 
  • The Observer Mindset: “Trust your intuition”  

Our JS West team, led by Kim Hardcastle and Kate Weaver, are putting their relationship building mindsets to work for our agency every day. As we have learned from our three other office-building adventures in Atlanta, Athens and Dallas, establishing a presence involves tremendous energy, patience and determination. You chip away at it with keen entrepreneurial spirit. Relationships are established and invested in. Our reputation and awareness heightens. Word spreads. Trust builds. Momentum increases. We are focused and resilient. The client roster grows as we stay humble and hungry and work to remain a success every step of the way. We are in it for the long run as other agencies fade.

It has been said that success in any business is sweaty not sexy. That’s true. We are not afraid to sweat at our shop and get after it. JS West is showing that with a cool L.A. touch.

On we go!