Hyper-targeted Marketing and Insanely High ROI? We See You, Snapchat

We’re big fans of Snapchat around Jackson Spalding. Being a digital strategist, it’s not surprising that I believe your brand should be utilizing what this digital marketing platform has to offer. If you don’t trust me, refer to one of my many previous articles, or simply carry on reading. I’m going to jump right into why Snapchat is offering some of the best ROI of any social media platform available.

Let’s start with metrics.

Due to a lot of barriers of entry – most notably public perception, the “I don’t get it” mentality and C-suite buy-in – Snapchat continues to struggle to convince brands that it is a must in social arsenals. Since the three major social players – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – all measure content in a similar way, Snapchat stands out for the fact that it does not use typical metrics to judge content.

Fluff metrics, like impressions and reach, make brands feel good, but any digital marketing agency worth their salt will tell you that engagement with content matters most. Engagement analytics are all that Snapchat offers. Due to the way the platform is set up for users, brands are almost guaranteed that an interaction with content actually happened. This lends itself to incredible insight into how your fans feel about your brand and the marketing content you are creating on Snapchat.

What about cost?

I know what you are thinking, “That’s great but I don’t have the time or budget to take on yet another platform.” Reaching the Snapchat audience is easier than you might think. The only steps are: 1. Create an account, and 2. Create a single piece of content. It’s really that easy.

I’ll go on.

Are you attending, hosting or sponsoring an upcoming event? Perhaps a career fair, a sales special at a specific location or a conference? Create a custom Geofilter highlighting the event and your brand, and you are automatically in front of people that are both interested in your message and using Snapchat. Jackson Spalding has designed Geofilters for many clients, and we see incredibly low costs of entry and high ROI. Like $0.004 a view ROI.

What makes a great Geofilter?

When it comes to marketing, the product has to be great to see great ROI. Snapchat filters are no different. Just throwing something together for the sake of doing it and not thinking through the creative and user experience will limit your success. Also, keep it simple. What’s the point in a design that takes up the entire screen on a platform that yields primarily selfies? And lastly, keep it local. The Geofilter for your event will lack context and relevancy for folks outside of your event.

And it’s about as simple as that. Now, go forth and get to Snapping.