Football 101

It’s not that we didn’t want to include the guys, but this Jackson Spalding class was for the women of JS only.  No guy is going to admit he doesn’t know what a 3-4 defense is, and we wanted this to be a “no judgment” class.  So, last month about 15 of us got together for a Football 101 class.

During my 10-year career as a local TV sportscaster in upstate New York, I hosted a few of these classes for the Buffalo Bills.  They brought in their raving fans, showed them the facilities and taught them the basics of the game.  Of course, when the NFL puts on a Football 101 class, the teachers are the players and coaches and the ladies walk away with pretty sweet SWAG bags. We weren’t lucky enough to have Matt Ryan show up and we didn’t get any freebies, but we did delve into the idiosyncrasies of the sport that has become the most popular in the U.S.

Naturally, we all want to look knowledgeable when we attend a game or watch our favorite team, but for the ladies of JS, Football 101 is also a way to get to know our clients better.  A few of our clients in particular put football at the forefront of their business.  One is the College Football Hall of Fame, which is set to open in Atlanta in August of 2014 – the connection is obvious on that one.  But there’s also Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines and Toyota, whose sponsorships of college and pro football are major initiatives.

Knowing the ins and outs of the game of football helps us to “talk the talk” with those clients. But this doesn’t just go for football; if our client is passionate about something, we like to find out why and often times we find ourselves getting just as invested.  We want to be viewed as a partner by our clients and by immersing ourselves in what’s important to them, they know we want to be experts on their business as a whole, not just the parts we touch.

So this football season, don’t be surprised if you run into one of the JS ladies and she’s talking about Georgia’s success in the Red Zone or the Falcons’ defensive scheme.  It’s just part of our business.