Company Meetings Don’t Have to be Boring

How do you make a four-hour company meeting fun and engaging? We found the answer.

Jackson Spalding recently hosted its annual State of the Agency (SOTA) meeting, convening employees from all offices in Atlanta, Dallas and Athens, plus outposts, to Atlanta for a chance to connect and reflect on the previous year. It’s a priceless opportunity for real-life togetherness and to get inspired about what’s to come.

The size and structure of SOTA have evolved with the growth of our agency, but the meeting has long been a staple of JS culture. It’s our vision to be the most respected and trusted marketing agency – and while this certainly affects the way we engage with our clients, it starts within. SOTA allows us to take a break from the fast-paced nature of our business to have a transparent conversation about the wins we’ve achieved and challenges we’ve faced.

Because of its success in 2018, we reinstated the JS Film Festival format – with a short video dedicated to communicating each team’s message – this time at the SCADshow venue around the corner from our Midtown office.

Jackson Spalding’s Corporate Social Responsibility team, for example, used the opportunity to debut the agency’s newly established giving strategy focused on three pillars: the arts, mentoring and community-building. JS is committed to finding “a better way,” and this certainly applies to maximizing our collective impact with causes and organizations that are core to shaping our people, our industry and our communities. Fostering creativity, collaboration and problem-solving is not only critical to our success as an agency; it helps people, businesses and communities everywhere thrive.

To learn more about our CSR team’s process and goals, watch the out-of-this-world video:

In addition to the informative, entertaining video content, there was compelling conversation. A consistent thread of the day was asking – and answering – why? We learned why key client projects were huge successes and why some JSers have worked at the company for over 20 years. We also heard why our Executive Team members are so passionate about leading our team and clients day-in and day-out.

Our ace videographer Jonathan Buiel created over a dozen short films with plenty of pop culture relevance, drawing inspiration from “Tidying Up,” “Black-ish” and “Unsolved Mysteries.” The range of videos showcased the versatility he applies to our clients’ projects and made for a compelling way to present such a large amount of information.

Ultimately, our State of the Agency meeting allows us to reconnect and reminds us of the power of teamwork. It’s meaningful and important to take time from our hectic schedules to look back on the previous year and set our collective vision for the road ahead.