Building Leaders Through Our Mentor Program

Originally published in SUCCESS magazine. View the full article here.

Every single employee of our agency has a mentor, a career coach whose feedback is also collected in annual reviews. The process has been in place since our founding in 1995, and a total of 230 people have gone through it. Today we can see the results in an agency of 135 people whose tenure averages 10 years—chasing, incubating and reaching their individual dreams with the help of our mentor system. Benefits include low turnover because we can identify and work through employee burnout, preserving and promoting company culture, close employee relationships, and deeper community relations because some of our mentees’ goals and related accomplishments include volunteer work and sitting on nonprofit boards. Our company has grown and innovated thanks to this program. The current ownership team includes three former interns who grew up in the company, and our thriving video practice is the direct result of a mentee’s goals being encouraged and met.