Brandswell: Define Your Moment

In such an uncertain and fluid environment, one of the hardest decisions you will make as a marketer is when and how to put your brand back into the spotlight.

Too soon, and you risk your reputation. Too late, and you get beat by your competitors. There are more ways to get it wrong than get it right, which is why we developed the Brandswell™ process – a strategy sprint to help you quickly make the right decisions to get your brand back on the field and your business back on offense.

Defining Your Moment

These seven sets of starter questions will get you thinking about the first decision – when your big moment is coming. If you need help, we can assist you one-on-one or coordinate your team in a guided virtual workshop. Then we can work quickly to help you answer the next big question: How can your brand make the most of your moment?

  1. Be Irresponsible (Just for a Moment) – The right moment is the responsible moment. But start by asking yourself: When would be the most irresponsible time to start marketing our services or products aggressively? Think first about being irresponsible to your customers. Then think about being irresponsible to your employees, communities and finally, your business. By eliminating some of the wrong times, you can start to zero in on the right time.
  2. Empathize with Your Customer – Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. How are they thinking, feeling and behaving right now? (Need inspiration? Use these trends as a guide.) Now ask yourself what they need and want most – emotionally, physically or practically – that your organization can provide. When would be the ideal time to meet this need? When could you be the most helpful?
  3. Consider Seasonality – Your business may be seasonal but trying to capitalize on your normal peak season may not be possible or responsible in the “new normal.” If your business is highly seasonal, when is too late for a marketing push? When is too early? Again, finding your ideal moment starts with narrowing the window.
  4. Step Out of Yourself – Think about your shrewdest competitor. Now imagine them beating you to the punch. Their timing is perfect. Their message is spot-on. When and what are they offering? Are they simply pitching their typical products or services at the right time, or are they offering something new and tailored to the times? How – and how soon – could your brand do something like this?
  5. Ramping Up & Out – In the markets you serve, what virus-related government restrictions are preventing you from growing or maintaining sales? How exactly are these restrictions limiting your business? Now imagine those restrictions are never going to be lifted – how would you generate revenue in that environment? Could you do that now? If not, what it the current forecast for when these restrictions will ease or lift in each market? How likely is it that your most important markets will open on the same or similar time frames?
  6. Ride a Wave – Is there something coming up on the calendar or a cultural movement afoot that your brand can be a meaningful part of? When might that movement peak? Would you need to be involved well ahead of the peak to be a credible participant? If so, how far ahead? And if you can’t catch this one, look behind you for what’s next.
  7. What’s Stopping You? – Your ideal moment means you are ready to meet increased demand for your products or services. If your capacity significantly outstrips current demand, you can skip this question. But if layoffs or supply-chain disruptions have reduced your capacity, what operational, supply chain or staffing barriers would your organization have to overcome before you could effectively meet a spike in demand? How long will it take to overcome those barriers? This should factor into your timing decision.
Let’s Get Started!

Need help Defining Your Moment and planning your Brandswell™? Download our checklist of questions or contact us at [email protected] for more information on how to navigate reemergence.