BrandAid: Championing Care as the Cure for Our Communities

With all challenges, we have a choice. We can either sit back and let time run its course, or we can run our own course – sparking insurmountable and much needed goodwill. At Jackson Spalding, we’re intentionally choosing the latter as we navigate the uncharted path of our nation’s compounding crises: the coronavirus pandemic and racial injustice.

Our co-founders, Glen Jackson and Bo Spalding, built our agency with this mindset, adamantly championing the secret to resiliency as generosity. Jackson Spalding believes care is the cure for many of the challenges facing our businesses and communities.

We’re proud of many of our clients for blazing a trail on this front – from donating products and services to offering needed resources during this challenging time. We also recognize there are many organizations working hard to inspire similar change but are strained by growing needs and limited resources.

Our agency sought to intentionally commit a (virtual) helping hand to organizations serving in the areas where our agency focuses our giving – the arts, mentorship and neighborhood building – as well as nonprofits serving groups disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, BrandAid was created – a month-long, agency-wide program where passionate JSers stepped up to the giving plate for 12 nonprofits.

Take a look at the organizations here: Jackson Spalding BrandAid Dallas Athens Atlanta

Care as the Cure for Our Communities

From digital strategy to media relations to influencer marketing and everything in between, JSers invested their time, talent and hearts in these extraordinary organizations who serve the communities of Atlanta, Athens and Dallas. With just a month’s worth of time, we brainstormed ways to help them achieve quick wins and set each organization up for long-term success.

For Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, a legal aid nonprofit, this came in the form of recruiting volunteer attorneys to offset the growing number of pandemic-related evicted tenants in need of representation. Our JS team directly impacted recruitment with a media relations sprint, earning placements in local media such as NPR’s WABE, and a strategic paid LinkedIn campaign.

WABE AVL Coverage

We took an equally timely approach for Texas-based Lone Star Justice Alliance. Our team provided strategic counsel on communication materials to further position their bipartisan supported criminal justice program as the solution Texas is looking for: a fundamental shift of juvenile justice dollars that provide community support without significant law enforcement oversight.

The need to harness our talents for social good has never felt more prevalent and knowing the impact we could create over a short period of time motivated this movement.

“In working with JS BrandAid [on an influencer relations campaign], Theatrical Outfit was able to explore its social media roots and create a plan moving forward for best branding, outreach and creativity,” shared Ryan Oliveti, marketing manager for the Atlanta-based performing arts organization. “The experience was nothing short of excellent.”

The impact these nonprofits will leave on JSers is arguably even greater as BrandAid brought us the opportunity to nurture both our communities and our colleagues.

Take it from Sara Salisbury who served Our House, a nonprofit on a mission to end the cycle of homelessness in the Atlanta area: “Not only did I get to work with new JSers and immerse myself in areas of work I don’t normally touch, I also felt like I was really being of service to an incredible organization.”

Just as the pandemic and fight against racism prove challenging, so will the road to recovery, but serving others can positively impact our outcome. Rather than a moment in time, we view caring for our communities – and our colleagues and clients – as a permanent mindset. If we all shared this as our guiding light, imagine the transformative effects it would have on our society emerging from the challenges of this year.