Blind Social Taste Test

A blind taste test is a time-honored technique marketing and branding experts have used to compare competing brands without the bias of knowing which one is which. These tests also provide significant insights to improve products and also determine if a product or campaign is better or worse than expected.

Let’s do our own blind taste test of sorts using three wildly popular social platforms. Simply looking at statistics, do you think you can identify the social platforms below?

Social Platform A

  • 1 billion active daily users
  • 65 percent daily users
  • 8 billion videos are viewed daily
  • 91 percent of users are 15-34 years old
  • Above one percent engagement rate is good

Social Platform B

  • 77 percent of users are over the age of 18
  • 100 million users are active daily
  • 7 billion videos are viewed daily
  • 60 percent of users are 13-34 years old
  • Brands can see 80 percent engagement rates

Social Platform C

  • 75 million daily users
  • 41 percent of users are 16-24 years old
  • 90 percent are less than 35 years old
  • 53 percent are 18-29 years old
  • 1-2 percent engagement rate

Answers are below. This is a great exercise to show that just because you don’t “get” a platform, or have particular preconceived notions about it, doesn’t mean it is not valuable to your brand.

Looking at just hard numbers, could you, with 100 percent confidence, select the correct platform? If not, what surprised you? What additional conclusions can you draw?

Answers: A: Facebook, B: SnapChat, C: Instagram