5 Video Do’s and Don’ts During the COVID-19 Crisis

There’s no doubt that for many business owners, the way you communicate with your audience has changed immensely in the last several months. However, video has been and continues to be an important way to reach consumers. The question is, given today’s social distancing restrictions, how can you safely and effectively create video content?

To ensure you’re still able to connect with your customers in a personal and heartfelt way, here are some do’s and don’ts of video that will help your brand stay top of mind in the days and weeks to come:

How to Use Video to Communicate with Your Audience During COVID-19

DO continue to make your leadership available. Despite social distancing, you can still go face-to-face with your audience. Right now, consumers are eager to know where brands stand on a range of issues. A well-framed selfie video announcing your plans for reopening or using Zoom to record an investor relations update can allow you to effectively connect with your audience on a more personal level during this time.

DON’T forget about your internal communications. Especially as many offices and teams continue to operate remotely, video can be a great tool to inform your staff and increase employee engagement. A simple video from HR about how to take advantage of company benefits or a welcome back message from your leadership team can be much more compelling than the same message delivered in a text email.

It’s important not to underestimate the emotional connection you can create with the right music and a good story, whatever the medium. Even with limitations on physical contact, a well-crafted video can still elicit a heartfelt response – like this one we created for our 25th Anniversary in lieu of being able to celebrate together.

DO use video as an educational tool. Motion graphics and animation lend themselves well to help inform. Whether it’s a 15-second social post using text on screen and archived video or a 30-second, how-to illustrated animation, you can still deliver your message to your audience through video. Here’s an example of a video we produced pre-pandemic – using tactics that would still be safe today – for our client Orkin to help homeowners understand ticks and mitigate the risk of an infestation.

DON’T assume a shoot is off the table. We recently shot back-to-back days on set with multiple clients and talent. We may deploy a smaller crew, but with the right social distancing and safety measures, it is possible to create new, custom, live-action content. The video below for the Atlanta Mission was produced using a variety of tactics and with special precautions in place.

DO think outside the box. Communicating with your audience is the main objective, even if that means doing something your brand has never considered. But if you have a big idea for a video production, know that it’s okay to wait. Forcing a great concept into a stock photo slideshow won’t do it justice. A few months from now, you can dust the idea off and see if the time is right.