Steely Works: 4X Winner at the 2022 ADDY Awards

Steely Works, a design studio inside Jackson Spalding, won some impressive new hardware at the 2022 annual ADDY Awards. Brian Steely, of Steely Works, brought home two silver and two bronze anvils in recognition of his latest work. Congratulations to our deserving clients and Steely for bringing these designs to life!


Silver - Illustration – Phish

“We've been working with Phish for six years to bring their songs to life through illustration. For their Indiana show, we were asked to create a design using a possum (based on one of their songs). Since the show was in Indiana we thought it would be fun for the possum to be eating corn. Hand-drawn lettering and a shield lock-up pulled everything up for this one. The illustration was used for shirts, stickers, patches and koozies and was a big hit with their fans.”

Silver - Poster - Turnpike Troubadours

“This specific piece was a poster to advertise for the Turnpike Troubadours return to the music scene. Their first show at Red Rocks being a big one, they wanted to convey the magnitude and we thought a phoenix rising up from the amphitheater felt appropriate. We screen printed in 4 colors with a metallic gold to add some extra luster on a French Nightshift blue paper stock.”



Bronze - Logo Design - Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah

Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah! wines are more than just bottles of wine. They are spaceships that take you beyond the known universe to places you can’t wait to talk about. The client wanted to convey “extradimensional”, so we used portals overlapping to form a wine bottle in the center, wings extending out, with a rainbow prism and the bottle's top levitating above. Now that's extradimensional!”

Bronze - Illustration - Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus wanted an illustration to use throughout their marketing that represented how CBD works any time, day or night - it can energize you during the day and calm you for a good night's sleep. We used the hourglass to convey the changing time and the illustration can flip to show day or night on top. Our goal was to create something that felt organic and connected, just like the product.”